Project Consultation and Development Service

Do you have an amazing idea regarding having an online listing, directory, and classified platform which includes a website, android app, and IOS app with so many wonderful features? Then let’s do it together and we will help you in different sectors that you do need help with. We can help you with the project definition and completely do and deliver it to you.

Project Definition Session

Our experts are here to define your project in an online session with you and tell you which products and solutions are required in order to have the functionality that you need based on your project or business plan. To start you can buy a 1-hour online session which only costs $49 and then we will set up a meeting on the same day and as soon as possible.

Online Session Agenda:

In the beginning, you and our team will explain about ourselves to have an understanding of each other.

Then, you will explain the idea that you have.

After that, our team will ask you some questions regarding the functionality that you need.

And finally, they will explain to you how you can have the functionalities that you need in your online business.

Project Definition Session

Buy the 1-hour online session now to start the process. BUY NOW

project Development

Project Development

If you want our team can do the project for you based on the online session result from A to Z and deliver everything based on that. In order to keep you updated, we define weekly phases, and then each week we will have an online meeting, and based on the defined plan different sections will deliver to you.

Do you have any questions regarding the project consultation and implementation service? You can ask them in our support center to leave us a message from the contact section that you see on the bottom right section of all pages.