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With this add-on you can set up your SMS gateway and then in different events of the Listdom that you want users will receive an SMS. This addon is so easy to use and after configuration,a new section will be added to the notification section of Listdom and you can set SMS for the notifications that you want. you just need to go to the Listdom-> notifications and select add/edit a notification and in SMS section, enable SMS from.


This item is licensed 100% GPL.

Listdom SMS Addon
Listdom SMS Addon Notification

Simple Usage

As soon as you download and install “Listdom SMS Addon ” a new section will be added to the Addons tab of Listdom -> Settings and you can configure this addon. You can select the SMS gateway that you have which we only support Twilio for now.Also you can add your Account SID,Auth Token, and Sender which you take from Twilio . Also If you want to have sms verification in order to have access to listdom shortcodes you can put the message in Mobile Verification -> Message.


Listdom has a great step by step documentation which explain everything in order to have a great website like the Listdom demo with some simple click. In order to have a complete website you just need to follow the documentations and import dummy data.

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Key Features

Notifications, Mobile Verification, Gateway Information, SMS Gateway

Wonderful Support

If you have any question regarding our products you can contact us from our support center and our technical team will back to you as soon as possible. Our first priority is our client satisfaction and you can see this in our product reviews on WordPress and CodeCanyon.

All questions were answered and help was provided promptly. We would highly recommend this company!

castings212Excellent Support

All questions were answered and help was provided promptly. We would highly recommend this company!

smaaExcellent Support!

I burned through several others with limited success until I found Advanced Directory and Listing Plugin. They are far better than the rest. Feature rich and backed by timely, professional support. Thrilled to have found them.

MadeYouLookMediaDesign Quality

Great plugin, with great support.
Max of Totalery customized my setup for my needs with speed and quality. The plugin has good code quality and good design.

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Expiration Never. (Lifetime license)
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.