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In this article we are going to introduce features of the best WordPress plugin for listing items. Listdom is a WordPress listing items plugin which allows you to have whatever you need with simple and modern tools. On the other hand, you can configure simple or professional listing items as simple as creating a WordPress Page.

Listdom Lite: Free with amazing features

When you download and install the Listdom Lite from WordPress repository, you will be surprised with the amazing features that this free plugin provides you. In this section we are going to explain how you can use these great features to configure your listing items on WordPress.

The first step after installing and activation Listdom Lite is going to the Listings menu in the WordPress back-end. You need to add some categories, locations, features, tags, and labels. These amazing tools allow you to categorize different listings which are an important requirement in a listing items website.

After that you need to add some listing items in Listings menu, when you add a listing item you need to specify title, description, working hours, price, contact information, category, location, feature, label, tag, featured image, gallery and publish the listing items.

Then it’s time to show the listings in the front-end, Listdom provides you a great short-code generator that you can show the listings in more than 80 skins and styles with this great tool. You just need to go to the Listdom menu on the back-end and then click on the Short-code menu to have access to this wonderful feature.

When we want to have a great listing items platform, we have different categories and of course each category needs a different search form. Listdom provide you a great search form builder which you can define the search forms as your business needs.

Listdom Lite also integrated with Google Maps and you can show the listings on a map by adding the Google Maps APIs on Listdom settings and enjoy showing listings on the map.

Listdom Pro: Some steps to be more professional

Generally Listdom Pro adds some additional features to Listdom Lite and with this paid WordPres listing items plugin you can have a professional listing items website. In this section we are going to explain some of these great tools.

First of all, we would like to introduce Attributes (Custom Fields), attributes or custom fields allow you to add additional fields to default forms of Listdom. These attributes can be per category or for all categories. For example “Used Status” custom field for items.

After that Listdom Pro already integrated with OpenStreetMap which is a free map and does not need API keys like Google Maps. If you do not like to use Google maps this feature of Listdom Pro will help you a lot.

Some listing items websites allow their users to add their items from the front-end. With Listdom Pro you will be able to have this amazing feature as simple as adding a short-code to a page.

Videos and Map search features are something that you absolutely need in a professional listing item platform. Users prefer to add their videos from YouTube to introduce their business better. On the other hand, they want to have an interactive map to see the listings on a map with drag and drop.

Listdom Pro provides you lots of other features which you can see on our features page.

Listdom Add-ons: make your business unique

Listdom add-ons provide you lots of trending features that you cannot find all of them in one pack in the market. We are going to introduce some of them here:

If you want to provide Android and IOS mobile applications to your users and visitors Listdom Mobile Apps solution will provide you this ability. If you have a CSV file which includes lots of listings you can use the Listdom CSV importer add-on and import all the items once a time.

The next Listdom add-on which can help you a lot is Listdom subscriptions add-on. With this add-on you can define packages and users of your website should buy those packages in order to add their listings they should buy a package first.

There are lots of other add-ons which can help you to have more advanced features and you can see the list of them on the Listdom Add-ons page.


Finally Listdom is the best option in the area of WordPress listing items plugins. It has been released in Lite and Pro version and provides too many add-ons which help you to be a number one online business in the market.