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In this article we are going to explain the features that a WordPress car listing plugin need and features that Listdom provide you to create a car dealership website with this WordPress listing plugin.


Firstly, you need to define a car is new or used, show that in the search result and car details page. To do this Listdom provide you labels feature which you can define used and new labels and for each listing assign proper label.


Secondly, you should define ability for salespeople which they register and login to your website to add their cars in your website. As Listdom is 100% compatible with WordPress features and structure you can create author or distributor users and they can add their listing to show on website. On the other hand if you want to confirm their listings before publish on website it is better to add distributor.


Then it is required that a car listing website provide a feature for the businesses that give services related to cars, for example maintenance services. As Listdom has powerful structure to support all categories you can define new category for services, create custom fields for that and the services can introduce their listings in your website.


After that visitors prefer to contact to the car owners and ask questions about their listing or see where and when this car is available. Listdom provide owner contact module and visitors can contact to the owners. You and car owners can define when their business is available on a weekly(for each day of week) basis and define the location of their business that car is available to see.


Finally car details page should be the same as a showroom. To cover this Listdom have a lot of features like featured image, image gallery, owner remark, featurers, details and … .


If you have any questions regarding Listdom functionality you can contact us, create a ticket on our support platform or use our live chat feature which is available on all pages.