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Are you looking for a free WordPress advertising plugin? We have provided the best solution for you in the easiest way. In this article, we are going to explain the great features that the Listdom WordPress plugin gives you to create advertising directory listing websites. When we talk about advertising websites, listings are very important. You should have the ability to add your products and include important data for advertising. Firstly we will explain Listdom Lite features and then we will explain the features of Listdom Pro.


Listdom Lite: Free WordPress Advertising Plugin

Listdom Lite is a free WordPress Advertising Plugin that gives you everything that you need in order to set up an advertising directory listing websites with simple and modern tools. It is available for free in the WordPress repository and you can go to the WordPress plugins page in the WordPress admin area and then click on the “Add New” button and search for Listdom and install-activate it.

With Listdom Lite, you can create different categories, tags, labels, and locations that help you to have many different products with amazing skins and styles. Also, you can add different features to categorize the listings in a very user-friendly way. Then simply add listings in the backend and show the list of them in the front-end in many like Grid, List, List+Grid, Google Map, Half map, Cover, Slider, and Carousel views. Moreover Listdom Lite allows you to create search forms with amazing and powerful search builder tools. There are so many other brilliant features which you can see on the Listdom Lite features page.


Listdom Pro: Paid WordPress Advertising Plugin

Listdom Pro is a paid WordPress Advertising Plugin that adds so many advanced and modern features to Listdom Lite that help you to improve your advertising website by adding more useful features which we will explain to you in the following.
With Listdom Pro, You can enable the front-end to add/manage listings by adding the Listdom Dashboard to a WordPress normal page and have this great feature. Also, you can see the Attributes in the Listings menu and add custom fields there. You can enable OpenStreetMap in the map provider option wherever that is selecting a map provider in Listdom.

Moreover, you can add embed codes as videos to listings and they will be more attractive. Radius search functionality gives the visitors the ability to find the listings around an address. You can add the address field to the search form and select the radius as a method. Google Map interactive search that the visitors will be able to drag and drop on the map and see the listings in that area.


Listdom Lite and Listdom Pro are great WordPress advertising plugins that provide you with whatever you need in this area. You can create a great advertising website so simply with different amazing tools, features, and styles.  Also create search forms with amazing and powerful search builder tools. In addition, if you have any questions you can visit Listdom website and ask them from our high-quality support teammates.