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If you are looking for a vehicle listings plugin WordPress that is better than other plugins you are in the right location. In this article we are going to introduce the best vehicle listing plugin in the WordPress repository and how you can set up a vehicle listing website with its fascinating features.

Listdom Lite: Wonderful Free Solution

Listdom Lite supports so many wonderful features freely and it is available in WordPress repository. If you are planning to use a free vehicle listing plugin in WordPress and start the website set up process, in this section we will explain how you can do this. We will talk about Categorize options, Add/manage listings, show listings in front-end, create search form, and setting options.

First of all, we will talk about categorizing options which are so essential for a vehicle listing website. In Listdom Lite you can visit Listings menu in WordPress back-end add categories, locations, tags, features, and labels which you can use all of them to categorize the vehicle listings in your website. For example Adult and Kids are the best example for category options.

After that we will talk about add/manage listings which is an extraordinary simple process with Listdom. You just need to head over to the Add Listings section in Listings menu and by specifying vehicle title, description, price range, Map Address, Map Location, available hours, contact information and categorizing options and your vehicle will add to the Listdom.

And then it’s time to show listings in the front-end in more than 90 different skins and styles without any restrictions. You just need to click on the Shortcode sub-menu of the Listdom menu and then click a front-end shor-code and use it in a page. The main skins that Listdom already has are half map, grid+list, grid, list, masonry, map, slider, cover, and carouse views. Also each skin has different styles and you can select one of the predefined styles as well.

Next distinguishing feature that Listdom has is page builder, you can create search forms dynamically with an amazing tool. For example you can have different search forms for cards and motorcycles. In order to create a search form you need to visit the Search Builder menu in Listdom.

The final feature that we will investigate is the Settings menu in the Listdom menu. Here you can set Google Map API key, colors, details page, archive pages, custom styles, and… in order to set up the general behavior of Listdom.

Listdom Pro: Essential Plugin To Be Professional

In this section we are going to explain Listdom Pro which helps you be better than anyone in the market. Listdom Pro is a paid vehicle listing plugin WordPress which provides you so many powerful features like attributes(custom fields), front-end dashboard, OpenStreetMap, embed codes, and interactive map search features, and… . In this section we will explain how to set up and use mentioned abilities.

First of all, each category of a vehicle listing platform needs a different form rather than having the same form for all categories. For example fields of Cars and Motorcycles should be different in the add/edit listings form. So you need attributes or custom fields feature, in order to add custom fields please go to the Attributes menu of the Listings menu in the backend.

After that, the majority of users or visitors prefer to add their vehicles in the front-end instead of the backend. On the other hand, it is better for you if you want to give your users the ability to add their listings in the front-end. You can have this by adding Listdom front-end dashboard to a WordPress page.

The next item is related to using free maps instead of paid map providers in Listdom Pro. If you are concerned about map providers which need API and after a while paid, Listdom Pro integrated with OpenSteerMap which is a free map. As soon as you install Listdom Pro, LeafletJS will add to map providers and when you select that you can show maps on OpenStreetMap.

Finally we will explain embed code which is for showing YouTube videos and map interactive search features which are so interesting for vehicle listing website users. When you add/edit listings you can add a YouTube video that explains the vehicle and make the details page attractive. After that you can show the listings in the maps as soon as a visitor drag and drop on map with Listdom Pro.

Listdom Add-ons: Hot Spots Of Market

Listdom Add-ons are literally hot spots to help you be number one in the vehicle listing market and make a big difference between you and your competitors. For example Listdom Android/IOS mobile apps allow you to be on mobile apps of users. On the other hand with Listdom Subscriptions Add-on you can charge users when adding their vehicle.

There are more than 20 different add-ons for Listdom which each one can play a big role in your online vehicle listing platform. You can see list of all add-ons on Listdom Addons page.


If you are looking for a solution to cover whatever you need in the area of vehicle listing plugin WordPress, Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro, and Listdom Add-ons are here to help you to do it without requiring knowing technical concepts.