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In this article we are going to introduce Listdom the best WordPress school listing plugin. Listdom has been released in two versions, Listdom Lite which is free and you can download from WordPress repository and Listdom Pro that is available in our store.

When we talk about schools the location is very important, in this case you can use Listdom Location system and define districts that you want to add schools on that. On the other hand Listdom provide you a map element which you can define the exact location of the map via marker.

Usually schools have specific grades which you can use labels to add grades to schools when adding them. Then this label will show on listing as a badge.

Listdom provide you features tool which allows you to define the features that a school has or not. For example English classes or specific offers that schools usually provide.

Categorize your schools with the category of Listdom. For example add elementary schools and high schools as categories and add listings to these categories.

Also You can define available time, owner remark, contact info like phone number, description for each school during the add listing. It is possible to see a listing sample here.

If you do not want to use Google Map, Listdom Pro provides you with LeafletJS map and OpenStreetMap. It is a free map and you can use those without any payment or API key.

Also Listdom Pro provides you with a custom field(attributes) feature which you can create custom fields per category(All Categories). For example specific fields for high schools.

If you have any questions you can contact us, use our support platform, or our live chat which is available in all pages.