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If you are looking for a product listing plugin in WordPress, we would like to introduce features of Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro and Listdom addons to you.

Listdom Lite is a free version of Listdom and it is available in WordPress repository. With Listdom Lite you can add and manage your products in the backend. Then create product listings shortcodes that allow you to show product listings in more than 80 views and skins. After that you can use the search builder feature to create a search form as your business needs then your website visitor or mobile app users can use those search forms to receive data. Finally you can categorize your listings based on categories, labels, locations, features, and tags.

Listdom Pro which is paid versions of Listdom and provide you some additional features to Listdom Lite. First of all, it will add a front-end dashboard and front-end add listing features which with this feature your website and your users can add their listings in front-end. Secondly, you can add custom fields for each category or for all categories. Thirdly, you can use OpenStreetMap which is a free map instead of Google Map. Finally there are lots of features in Listdom Pro and you can see those in our shop.

When you want to have product listings, due to the number of products that you have you may need CSV Importer Addon. With this addon you can import listings that are in a CSV file. If you are interested to see our addons you can see the list of those and other products which you may need in our shop page.

If you have any questions related to this article, you can contact us with our support, contact page or our live chat which is available in all pages.