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In this article we are going to explain features that Listdom, the best portfolio WordPress plugin provides you to create a portfolio listing website.

The most important feature that a WordPress portfolio listing plugin needs is front-end add listing and front-end manage listing dashboard. With this feature you can allow your users to upload their portfolios.

The next feature that a portfolio listing plugin need and Listdom Lite already has is different tools to categorize portfolios. Listdom provide you categorize listings based on categories, locations, labels, tags, and features.

Then you need to have custom fields or attributes per category, for example you can define to have different fields for developer portfolios and different fields for accountants. Listdom pro provides custom fields features and you can have different forms as your business needs.

Finally, a search builder is what you need to create different search forms with different fields in different styles. At this time you can have search forms in following styles in Listdom Lite and Listdom Pro:

There are so many other features in Listdom which you can see in our demo website. If you have any questions you can contact us, open a ticket in our support platform or use our live chat which is available on all pages.