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WordPress Listing Plugin


As you know business listing platforms are so popular nowadays and so many platforms are created in this area with different usages. On the other hand, WordPress is a popular CMS which you can create a website. However, WordPress does not have any feature that allows you to create a business listing and directory with fresh installation.


So you need to have a listing plugin if want to base your platforms in WordPress, and in this article we are going to explain features of our product (Listdom) which is an advanced, modern, responsive and offer so many features in two different lite and pro versions in the category of listing plugins.


The first and basic feature which you need is adding and managing listings, it is such a simple and basic feature. The advantage of Listdom is that you can assign each listing to a category and each category can have custom fields. For example you have home and car categories in your website so you can define custom fields for each category as you wish. The other thing which is really important in Listdom is disable and enable feature for elements, imagine you want to disable contact form just for one listing it is as simple as a click on this plugin.


We already talked about categories in the previous paragraph and you already know this feature and usage of that for custom fields, on the other hand categories have other usages as well. Firstly, you can show listings of each category with shortcodes that we will explain soon. Secondly, in search widget visitors can see the listings of each category that they want. In addition to the categories we have locations, tags, features, labels, and attributes which play the same role as categories but with different usages.


Now it is time to talk about the shortcode generator feature of Listdom. We will explain this feature with an example, consider you want to show cars of specific brand, which are new in a page in masonry style. It is as simple as a click in the Listdom, you just need to go to the shortcodes menu, create a new one and define filters and styles that you need and create a shortcode. Now the system will give you a shortcode string which you can use anywhere that you want.


We already talked about styles in the previous topic, at this time Listdom is supporting so many styles and skins for each shortcode which you are creating and it is such a powerful tool that allows you to create pages as much as creative and beautiful which you wish. At this time we are supporting:


Supporting free maps is another important tool that you need, some users prefer to use free maps instead of paid maps like Google Maps and Listdom is compatible with OpenStreetMap as a known and stable free map in the pro version. You can see the demo here.


Widgets are so much important in WordPress based platforms and as soon and you should have the ability to do what you show to users with those for example:


Thank you for reading this article, you can download the lite version of Listdom from WordPress plugins and buy the pro version from our store. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or create a ticket in our support platform.