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In this article we are going to explain features of Listdom lite version which is free listing plugin WordPress and released at 2019 on WordPress repository.

Listdom is a WordPress listing plugin which is a powerful tool to create listing and directory websites simply. This plugin has a clean code and it is well structured. On the other hand, we always follow the best practices during the development process so now the result is a high quality WordPress listing plugin.

To begin with, you can see and download the Listdom Lite version from the WordPress repository. Also full details of this great plugin is available there. Now it is time to talk about features of our free version one by one:

1- We have more than 80 skins, views and styles in this version. With these options you can show your listings in any structure that you want. For each view and style we already provided a life demo.

2- This plugin has owner info and owner contact modules which allows to show listing owner information and contact them. It is a great tool for your visitors to have new leads. Usually listing website users asking for these features and you already have it.

3- Social share module which has been developed for listings and listing owners give the ability to go to the social network of each owner and on the other hand share listing data on social networks. This is a useful feature in listing plugins.

4- As Listdom working in the area of directory, classifieds and listing plugins we created a price field in a way that it will be useful for all listing websites and categories.

5- Image gallery module is a tool that you can use to add images of a listing to show in the details page. Media is so important in the listing websites and visitors are usually looking to images in the listing detail page.

6- Define availability time for listing is so important especially when you have contact information. Visitors of the listing website will look at this to see if they can call the owner or not, on the other hand listing is open now or it is closed. So it is really important to have this feature and Listdom already has this.

7- Users of listing and directory websites prefer to have a description field to add a slogan or remark to show to users and this way take more attention of visitors. Listdom has “Remark Module” to show users special messages on the listing detail page as listing owner or listing admin wish.

8- There are so many configurations in Listdom that help you configure the plugin and make it as you want and your business plan need. For example change main and second color of the plugin view, disable or enable sort options on views, show map or not, map location in views, adding custom styles, and so many other configurations which are already included in the free version of Listdom WordPress listing plugin.

9- We already support Google map and map marker clustering feature in the lite version of Listdom and simply you can configure it to use in different views.

10- As a standard directory and listing plugin for WordPress which just released we are compatible and ready for translating to any language, be multilingual, work with page builders, cache plugins, work on multi-site platforms, compatible with SEO plugins and ready to work with block editors.

There are so many other features included in Listdom which you can see live preview in our demo and download the lite and free version from WordPress repository.

If you have any questions regarding this plugin you can contact us or use our support platform and open a new ticket we will back to you as soon as possible.