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If you decided to set up an event listing website and want to know how to do it you are in the current location. In this article we will introduce you to the best event listing plugin WordPress and as a step by step guide we will let you know how to set it up.

We will start with WordPress installation, then we will talk about Listdom Lite features in this area, after that move to Listdom Pro, the next item will be event booking addon and finally we will talk about Listdomer listing WordPress theme.

1- Why WordPress? and Installation Guide

WordPress is the most popular CMS with more than 70% of online websites using it as their online platform engine. WordPress built-in features are great to set up an introduction website but when you want to set up an event listing website you need to use a plugin. Listdom plugin as the best solution to have an event listing website provides whatever you need in this way.

Now you need to install WordPress and most of the hosting providers provide easy and automatic installation of WordPress. So with some simple clicks you can install WordPress on your host or server.

2- Install Listdom Lite

Listdom lite is a free event listing plugin WordPress which you can easily go to the WordPress plugin page in the admin area and click on Add New and search for Listdom. The final step will be installation and activation of this amazing WordPress plugin. As soon as you activate Listdom Lite two new menus will be added to the WordPress admin. Listing menu where you can add the listing, categorize options and add/manage listings. The next menu is Listdom which you can set up showing listing, create search forms, manage notifications and then settings.

In the next section we will explain options of each menu in detail.

3- Add The Categorize Options In Listings Menu

Categorize options have been developed in order to help you to classify listings when adding or showing them to users. At this time Listdom Provides category, tags, labels, locations, and features. For example, Music and Food are two different categories which you can use in the event online websites. Also, Online or Offline is a great example for features options.

4- Add/Manage Listings Option of Listings menu

Click on Add Listing and start adding some sample or real listings, when you add a listing you need to specify title, description, working hours, contact information, price range, owner remark, location map, location address, location options, category, tags, features, labels, featured image, and gallery image. Adding listings in Listdom is as simple as creating a page or post in WordPress.

5- Show listings In the Front-end

In order to show listings in the front-end head over to the Shortcodes menu of the Listdom. Then click on the Add Shortcode button and set the skin, styles and filters that you want the shortcode to show the listings. At this time Listdom have single map, half-map, grid, list, list+grid, table, masonry, slider, cover, carousel as main skins and each skin support many styles which you can select one of them.

As soon as you create a shortcode you can add it to a WordPress normal page with default editor or any page builder that you are using and show the listings in the website.

6- Create Search Form Dynamically

When you are in the area of event listings having different search forms are so essential, Listdom already provides you a powerful search builder that you can create any search form that you want with dragging and dropping different fields to search form. When you create a search form you will have a shortcode which you can add to anywhere that you want.

7- Add/Change Notifications and Settings

Listdom Lite has some notifications which are sent as email in different events of the system. You can change current notifications or add new one. For example, you can add your email as CC to contact listing notifications.

Listdom has a great settings page where you can change the default setting of Listdom in the Settings menu. There are so many options like date format, default currency, font family, Google Map API key, Google re captcha, main and secondary color, slugs, archive pages style, details pages styles and custom styles.

8- Install Listdom Pro

Listdom Pro is a paid event listing plugin WordPress which provides you with so many additional features that Listdom Lite. In this section we will explain just some of these brilliant features like front-end add/manage listing, attributes or custom fields, OpenStreetMap, radius search, embed codes (youtube videos), and interactive Google Map search.

If you are interested to see other Listdom Pro features you can visit the demo website of this amazing plugin.

9- Front-end Add and Manage Listings Dashboard

With Listdom Pro you can have front-end add and manage listings and then users of your website can add their listings without accessing the back-end or referring to you. You can have this wonderful feature by adding the Listdom dashboard shortcode to a normal WordPress page through your page editor and that is it.

10- Expand Add Listing Form With Attributes

Attributes or custom fields which is a feature of Listdom Pro gives you the ability to add new fields to the add listing form. The fields can be per category or for all categories, you can find the Attributes menu in the Listings menu options. For example, fields that you show for indoors events are different from outdoor events. On the other hand, some fields are for all event categories and show there, like parking capacity.

11- Use Free OpenStreetMap

If you prefer to use a map that does not need any API key and is fully free you can find that OpenStreetMap is the best option. Listdom Pro has been integrated with this amazing map provider and as soon as you install Listdom Pro, LeafletJS will add to the map providers and you can use it as your default map provider.

12- Add Youtube Videos

Videos make the event listings more attractive so Listdom Pro adds this functionality for you. You can add YouTube videos to the Listings in the add listing form and then these videos will show in the listing details page. Generally listings that have video take attention more than the listings that do not have.

13- Radius Search Functionality

You can enable radius search functionality in your website. When you enable this functionality, visitors enter an address and then find the listings around that address. In order to have this functionality, you need to add the Address field to the search form in the search builder page and then select Radius as the method.

14- Interactive Google Map Search

One of the amazing features that add to your website when enabling Listdom Pro is interactive Google map search. With enabling this feature when visitors or users change map location by dragging and dropping the search result change based on the current map visible position.

15- Event Booking System

Listdom Booking Add-on provides you an event booking system, so users and visitors can book the events online. Also you can force them to pay in order to book an event. Also you can accept or decline their reservation and during this process they will receive great email notifications in order to be informed about their booking status.

Listdom provides more than 25 different add-ons and extensions which you can see in the Listdom official add-ons page.

16- Event Listing WordPress Theme

If you want to have a great event listing WordPress theme we will suggest you to have a look to Listdomer WordPress theme. It is the theme which is specially developed in the category of listing and directory websites and give you whatever you need in order to have a professional event listing website.

Also this amazing WordPress theme has been integrated fully with Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro and Listdom Add-ons views.


Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro and Listdom Add-ons are great event listing plugins for WordPress and you can have whatever you need with these amazing plugins. Also Listdomer is a WordPress amazing event listing theme which you can use as your website skin.

If you have any questions regarding these amazing solutions you can contact our support team and we will back you as soon as possible.