The Frederick Hotel

$75 - $275 /Per Night


The Frederick Hotel is a great boutique hotel and I would absolutely stay here again.

I stayed at this location back and handful of years ago when it was the Cosmopolitan hotel. Since then, about a year and a half ago, it changed ownership and received a serious facelift. Tons of little touches that make you feel at home. Comfy chairs, bed, towels, robes…

The staff is also very personable, professional, and helpful. I let them know that I would be arriving late and they let me know it wasn’t a problem. When I did arrive at nearly 11pm, they were ready for me. Thanks, Andre!

I was informed of Serafina for food and Primo’s for drinks. As it was late when I arrived, Primo’s was busy and playing some good, loud mixes. I didn’t have a chance to make it in, but had I been able to I would’ve gotten 25% off between 5-7pm as a guest of the hotel.

When I made it up to my room and was pleasantly surprised by the size. I had a king size bed and still had room to move about freely. The curtains are true blackout so you’ll get a great nights sleep without being awoken by the sun.

The only thing missing was somewhere to put my luggage. The hairdryer wasn’t great either, but they so rarely are. The rainfall shower head was great and the shampoo/conditioner smelled good and did a decent job.

Upon departure, I left my bag to wander about the city. When I returned, I was helped immediately by Tony and ready to go. No ridiculous wait searching for my luggage. He also made comfortable small talk and loaded my bag into the car.

All in all, it was a great experience.

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Parking Capacity: 35
Pets Allowed: Yes
Discount: Up to 45%

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Hotel Frederick, London, England

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