All Features

  • Archive pages skins
  • Listings price configuration
  • Advanced Google Maps
  • Category form builder
  • Available widgets for sidebars
  • Create different results with shortcodes
  • Show shortcodes with widgets
  • Use shortcodes in all page builders
  • RTL Ready
  • Add custom css so simple
  • Powerful options and filters
  • Shortcode creator
  • Search Builder
  • Change plugin colors with color picker
  • Slider views
  • Cover views
  • Carousel views
  • Frontend add/manage listings
  • List/Grid views
  • Map views
  • Masonry views
  • Multisite compatible
  • WPML Compatible
  • SEO ready
  • Developer friendly
  • Table views
  • Assign Multiple Shortcodes to page
  • Add listing image
  • Location maps
  • Categories listings in unlimited levels
  • Add different locations to listings
  • Assign tags listings
  • Assign features to listings
  • Labeling listings
  • Dynamic price structure
  • Set work hours and off days for listings
  • Define contact information for listings
  • Custom fields or Attributes
  • Shortcode creator feature
  • Predefined shortcodes
  • Change plugin main & second colors
  • Use mixed shortcodes in one page
  • Add custom CSS in the settings
  • Define different filters to show listings
  • Support comment for listings
  • Enable/disable listing elements
  • Translation Ready
  • Style Selector
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Disable Font Awsome Package
  • Define colors for the skins as you wish
  • Use predefined colors
  • List Views
  • Grid Views
  • Map views
  • Table views
  • Mixed views
  • Masonry views
  • Cover views
  • Support different skins for views
  • Carousel Views
  • Slider views
  • Show listings on the Google Maps
  • Show listings on OpenStreetMap
  • Custom color for settings
  • Category filter option
  • Location filter option
  • Tags filter option
  • Features filter option
  • Author filter options
  • Search option
  • Configurable Search Widget
  • Full developers friendly
  • Change archive page style
  • Change listing details style
  • 100% use of WordPress structure
  • Override skins  in theme
  • Customize features
  • Show different listings by filters
  • Use WordPress actions API
  • Use Listdom APIs
  • Visual Composer support
  • KingComposer support
  • WordPress Multisite ready
  • Compatible with cache plugins
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Compatible with Membership plugins
  • CSV Importer
  • Advanced Map
  • Android/IOS Apps
  • Team
  • Advanced Icon
  • Auction Addon
  • Stats Addon
  • APS Addon
  • Items Addon
  • Favorites
  • Rank
  • Top Up
  • Booking
  • Visibility Addon
  • ACF Addon
  • Franchise Addon
  • Jobs Addon
  • Elementor Addon
  • Claim
  • Labelize
  • Review & Rating
  • Multiple Categories
  • KML Addon
  • BuddyPress Addon
  • Compare Addon
  • SMS Addon
  • Divi Addon

Listdom Pro and Lite

Category Feature Lite Pro Description
Views and Skins Single Map View Skin Create shortcode to show listings in single map skin with 13 styles
List View Skin Create shortcode to show listings in list view skin with 3 styles
Grid View Skin Create shortcode to show listings in grid view skin with 3 styles
List+Grid View Skin Create shortcode to show listings in list+grid view skin with 3 styles
Half Map/List View Skin Create shortcode to show listings in half/list view skin with 3 styles
Table View Skin Create shortcode to show listings in table view skin with 3 styles
Masonry View Skin Create shortcode to show listings in masonry view skin with 3 styles
Carousel View Skin Create shortcode to show listings in carousel view skin with 5 styles
Slider View Skin Create shortcode to show listings in slider view skin with 5 styles
Cover View Skin Create shortcode to show listings in cover view skin with 4 styles
Disable Image Disable image in List, Grid, List+Grid, Masonry, Half Map views
Disable Link Disable link to listing details in showing listings lists
Categorize Listings Categories Categorize listings by categories
Hierarchy Categories Create hierarchy structure for categories
Categories Icon/Color/Image Category Icon/Color/Image for frontend
Categories Schema Category schema for using in code
Locations Categorize listings by locations
Hierarchy Locations Create hierarchy structure for locations
Locations Image Location image for frontend
Tags Categorize listings by tags
Features Categorize listings by features
Features Icon Features Icon for frontend
Features Schema Features schema for using in code
Labels Categorize listings by labels
Labels Color Label color for frontend
Search Builder Dynamic Search Form Builder Create search from with any structure that you need
Search Form More Options Add more options in search from
Sidebar Search Form Style Support sidebar search form
Float Search Form Style Support side bar search form
Define Result Page For Search From Define current page will show result or another page
Search Form Custom Fields Add and show custom fields to search form
Radius Search Add radius field to your search form.
Add Listing Attributes / Custom Fields Create attributes or custom fields for all categories or per category
Back-end Add and Manage Listing Add and manage listings in back-end
Front-end Add and Manage Listing Add and manage listings in front-end
Front-end Guest Add Listing Allow guest users to add listings
Back-end Add Listing Form Manage Elements Disable different elements in back-end add listing form
Front-end Add Listing Form Manage Elements Disable different elements in front-end add listing form
Default Currency Select default currency for Listdom forms
Map Features Google Map Use Google map
Leaflet Map Library Use Leaflet map library
OpenStreetMap Use OpenStreetMap
Shape Map Create shape as pointer for Listings
Map Search Map search will effect map changes to search result
Manage Map Controls Control elements that showing on maps of listings result
Draw and GPS Controls Show draw and gps controls on maps of listings result
General Features JSON Importer and Exporter Export Listdom data from one website and import on another website
Notifications Manager Define and change email template for notifications that sending in Listdom
Dummy Data Importer Import sample categories, tags, labels, locations, shortcodes.
Configurations Color Selector Select color main and select color to make Listdom compatible with your designs
Font Slector Select man font to make Listdom compatible with your designs
Font Awsome Status Disable loading Font Awsome package from Listdom and use your own package
Google recaptcha Enable Google recaptcha to protect your form in Listdom from spams
Block Editor Enable Block editor for listings
Archive pages style Define the way that location, category, tag, feature, and label should show listings
Slugs Define slugs for listings, locations, categories, tags, features, and labels
Social Medias Enable/Disable social medias that showing on profile, archive pages, and details page
Custom Styles Add Custom styles to Listdom package
Currency Position Define the position of currency for prices.
Listing Details Manage Elements Disable and enable elements that showing in Listing Details
Featured Image Element Define featured image for listing details
Image Galery Element Define image gallery for listing details
Title and Description Element Define title and description for listing details
Labels Element Define labels for listing details
Category Element Define category for listing details
Price Element Define price for listing details
Tags Element Define tags for listing details
Atributes/Custom Fields Element Define attributes or custom fields for listing details
Features Element Define features for listing details
Information Element Define contact information for listing details
Remark/Owner Message Element Define remark/owner mesage for listing details
Embed Codes Define embed codes to show videos for listing details
Locations Element Define locations for listing details
Address Element Define address for listing details
Map Element Define map for listing details
Availability Element Define availability for listing details
Owner Element Define owner for listing details
Share Element Define share for listing details
View Skin Show listing details in 2 styles
On Modal Show listing details on modal in map
Display Options Per Listing Enable and disable listing details elements per listing
Theme Layout Select template signle fine to use for listing deatils page
Report Abuse Visitors can report a listing to admin
Widgets All Listings Show all listings on map
Cloud Show tags, categories, locations, features, and labels
Search Show search form
Shortcode Show listing shortcode
Simple Map Show map with a pin that you define
Terms Show tags, categories, locations, features, and labels like WordPress categories Widget
Ready Shortcodes Simple Map Show a map with latitude, longitude and address that defined
Category Show Listdom categories in 3 styles
Label Show Listdom labels in 2 styles
Location Show Listdom locations in 3 styles
Term Show tags, categories, locations, features, and labels in terms style
Misc. Auto Update Auto update for Listdom Pro
Translation Ready Translate Listdom to your language with Poedit or WordPress translation plugin
Page Builders Compatible Use Listdom with all page builders
Cache Plugins Compatible Listdom using WordPress tables and structure and are compatible with Cache Plugins
Multi-Site Ready Listdom is fully integrated with WordPress multi-site.
SEO Plugins Listdom is full compatible with WordPress SEO plugins.
RTL Ready All views and skins of Listdom are RTL ready
Price Free $79

Add-ons and Related Products

Name Feature Description Price
CSV Importer Import CSV File Upload CSV file that has listings $99
Mapping Map columns in CSV file with Listdom fields and custom fields
Save Mapping as Template Save a mapping and use it in the future to same time.
Advanced Map Marker Type Select default marker type(category, price, and label) for maps $79
Short-code Marker Type Select marker type(category, price, and label) for shortcode maps
Leaflet Tile Server Add tile server that you want to use in your Leaflet
Geo Direction Give your users ability to see direction of listing to their current location
Auto GPS Show listings according to their current location
Restrict Bounds Restrict the map bounds to a certain boundary
Google Map Styles Upload Google Map styles and use in different sections
Android/IOS Apps Home Category Filter Filter listings that you see based on categories $999
Home Location Filter Filter listings that you see based on locations
Default Search Form Define default search form for your Android/IOS apps
Search Form Per Category Define search form for your Android/IOS apps for each category
Explore Page See listings in home explore page
Manage Listings Manage listings that you have permision to manage
Add New Listing Add new listing
Favorite Listings If you have favorite addon this feature will be available
Register Register functionality for mobile apps users
Login Login functionality for mobile apps users
Forget Password Forget password functionality for mobile apps users
Top Up Listing Users can top up their listings from mobile apps. In order to have this you need Top Up addon.
Labelize Users can buy labels from mobile apps. In order to have this you need Labelize addon.
Favorites Guest Users favorites If enable, guest users can add listing to favorites list $59
Loggedin Users Favorite Loggedin users can add listings to favorites list
Show Favorite Listings Show favorites listings with a shortcode and define style
Show Favorite Listings count Show favorites listings count with a shortcode
Rank Define Custom Order For Listings Define orders of listings as you want $99
Featured Image Point Define point of lisitngs that have featured image
Gallery Image Point Define point of lisitngs that have gallery image
Category Point Define point for each category
Label Point Define point for each label
Location Point Define point for each location
Tag Point Define point for each tag
Feature Point Define point for each feature
User Point Define point for each user
Reviews Addon Rank Define point for each review type(1 star, 5 stars, and …)
Top Up Top Up Listings Top up listing and show them again on top $99
Top Up New Listings Show new listing on top or after listing that are top up
WooCommerce ready Use WooCommerce for checkout process
Auto Order Complete Enable to make payment status auto complete
Claim Claim listing Claim the listings that already exist in your system $99
Show Verified Label Show verified label for listings that approved
Show Custom Message Show custom message in claim form
File Upload Show file upload in claim form
Agreement Checkbox Show agreement checkfox in claim form
WooCommerce ready Use WooCommerce for checkout process
Auto Order Complete Enable to make payment status auto complete
Define Payment Time Define the time that users should pay(After admin approve, when fill form)
Labelize Sell Labels Users pay to have a label in their listings $99
WooCommerce ready Use WooCommerce for checkout process
Auto Order Complete Enable to make payment status auto complete
Subscriptions Subscription Packages Packages that you want be avalable for users to order $99
Subscriptions See list of subscriptions and listing that they added
WooCommerce ready Use WooCommerce for checkout and payment process
Listing Limit Number of Listings that users can submit with this package
Subscription Duration Number of days that subscription and listings will be active
One Time Purchase If you enable this users can buy the package just one time
Listing Auto Confirm If you enable this option listing will automatically confirm after adding
Listing Auto Label Select the labels that you want to assign to listings of this package automatically
Available Categories Select the categories users of this package can add listings
Recurring Payment Support recurring payments for packages with WooCommerce related products
Items Addon With Listdom Subscriptions Addon you can have Items addon for free.
Reviews Contributions Type Show reviews & comments or just reviews in listing details $99
Rating Method Users give overal rating or system calculate average of ratings
Review description Length Define minimum and maximum length of review description
Who can submit reviews Define which user types or roles can submit review
Who can see reviews Define which user types or roles can see reviews
Delete permission Give users ability to delete their reviews
Automatically approve reviews Reviews should be available immediately after users submit or after confirmation of admin
Feedback module Give users ability to like or dislike each other reviews
Count of loaded reviews Configure count of comments that should load in listing details
Rank Addon Integrated Define rank for each review type(1 star, 5 starts)
Image Upload Give users ability to upload image with their review
Team Contact Emails Add team to emails that listings contact form send $49
Show team members Show team members -> Show listings team members in listing details page
Booking Guest Booking Enable/Disable guest booking. $159
Booking Items Define one multiple items for each listing to book.
Checkin/Checkout Define checkin and checkout for each listing.
Set Currency Set currency of booking per listing.
Season Price Define different prices for different dates.
Manage bookings See bookings requests in dashboard.
Unavailable Dates Add Unavailable dates for bookables items
Property/Room Type Add property/room type to bookables items
Search Options Add Start & End dates to search form
Event Type Add event type to bookables items
Payment Option Visitors can pay for items when booking
Multiple Categories Multiple Categories Assign multiple categories to each listing. $49
Search Use multiple categories in search form
Listing Details Show multiple categories in listing details
Advanced Icon Categories Define custom icon file for categories. $49
Features Define custom icon file for features.
Attributes Define custom icon file for attributes.
Visibility Addon Visible Until Set the date that you want the listing removed from the front-end. $29
KML Addon Upload KML file add your KML files in WordPress media. $79
Link KML files link your KML files with their URL
Upload GPX file add your GPX files in WordPress media.
Link GPX files link your GPX files with their URL
Assign to Map Assign 1 or more KML/GPX file to a map shortcode and it will show boundaries
Auction Addon Guest Offer Allow guest users to add offer $99
Offer Comment Enable users to add comments with their offer.
Sort offers sort offers in listing details page base on date or price
Accept Offer Accept offer and close an auction
ACF Addon Assign ACF Fields Assign ACF custom fields to Listdom Listings $79
Listing Details Show value of custom fields in listing details
Add Listing Form Show ACF custom fields on front-end and back-end add listing form
BuddyPress Addon Profile Menu show Listing of user on BuddyPress profile $99
Listing Styles define the style that you want to show listings on listings.
Private Contact receive listings contact form as private message of BuddyPress.
New Listings receive new listing activity on BuddyPress.
New Offer receive new offer activity on BuddyPress.
Offer Accepted receive offer accepted activity on BuddyPress.
New Review receive new review activity on BuddyPress.
Review Approved receive review approved activity on BuddyPress.
New Booking receive new booking activity on BuddyPress.
Stats Addon Visits Show number of visits $49
Contacts Show number of contact
Offers Show number of offers in Auction Addon
Bookings Show number of bookings in Booking Addon
Reviews Show number of reviews in Review Addon
Comments Show number of comments
Franchise Addon Select Parent Select parent listing when add/edit listings in backend and front-end form $59
Show Parent Show parent listing in listing details
Show Sub Listings Show sub listings in listing details
Compare Addon Shortcode Create compare page with a simple shortcode $79
Widget Show compare button with a widget in the sidebar
Default Fields Select which default fields should be in compare page
Custom Fields Select which custom fields should be in compare page
APS Addon Full-Text Search Enable full text search for Listdom default field $79
Categories Apply text search on categories
Locations Apply text search on locations
Features Apply text search on features
Labels Apply text search on labels
Tags Apply text search on tags
Title and Description Apply text search on title & tags
Jobs Addon Job Category Define all categories or one category as Job category $99
Guest Application Give the guests the ability to apply for a job
Application Limit Set Application Limit
Limit Method set how the application limit should reset, in the beginning of the month or after 30 days of registration
Job Modules enable the modules that want to be able in the add Job form
Manage Applications Shortcode see the applications that you/listing owner received
My Applications Shortcode show the applications that you/user have been sent.
Apply form show apply form in the listing details
Applications show applied applications in the Listdom dashboard
SMS Addon SMS Gateway set sms gateway $99
Gateway Information set gateway information for authentication and send sms
Mobile Verification enable mobile verification for short-codes
Notifications enable SMS for notification
Elementor Addon Listing Details design the listing details page layout with Elementor $79
Divi Addon Divi Builder design the listing details page layout with Divi builder $79
Network Addon Listing Server Set a site as listing server $99
Client Site Connect multiple clients
Booking Addon Integrated with Booking addon
Ads Addon General Ads Define general ads to show on all listings $59
Listing Ads Define ads per listing