Categories is useful to grouping listings. Grouping the listings will help your readers to find the listing that they want. For example all restaurant which listed in your website. Another usage of category for listing is related to their general definition for example with category they can now the listing is advertisement.

Name: name of category, for example “Beauty Salon”.
Slug: this field automatically fill according to category name and it will be use for accessing the listings of category. Also it is possible that you change the slug manually as you wish.
Description: this field is for explanations of the categories. Please pay attention that your theme should have the ability to show this description if it does not support this text does not show.
Icon: this icon will be show with category name. For example this icon will show will show in map as marker of the listings that are in this category.
Color: it is markers color, it is useful to define dedicated color for each category marker and it helps your readers to have better experience.
Image: this image will show with category in archive pages.
Schema Type: in this field you can define “Schema Item Type” according to and this “Schema Item Type” will be used for listings of this category.

Add listing view:

Front-end view: