Make Advanced Shortcodes

When you added different listings it’s time to create different shortcodes to show what you have to readers and visitors. The Listdom support so many different skins and styles to show and create different views.

To add new shortcode head over to Listdom -> Shortcodes and click on “Add Shortcode”. this is a short overview of add new shortcode, we will investigate this each part in next sections in detail.

Shortcode: here you see a shortcode that you can paste any page which you want and it will show the result there.

Search: In this area you can select the search form that you want to show with this shortcode. First of all select the search form inSearch Form” dropdown. Then select the position of search from in “Search Position” field.

Default Sort: each shortcode shows listings, so you can define the sort structure which you want. For example, showing newest first.

Map Controls: in the shortcodes which you available map you can confit the map here, for example location of different elements on map and map type.

Display Options: in this part you can specify how your shortcode should look like. For example setting grid view, list view, map view, mixed of those, how many listing to show and ….

Listing Link: Set you can link the listing details to listing details or not. Also you can set to open listing details in the new page.
Display Image: Disable/Enable showing image in list views.

Filter options: in this section you can define some filters for your shortcode for example show the listings which are in “super market” category or the listing which are in Florida.