Make Advanced Search Forms

Now it’s time to create search form and use those in the front end, Listdom provide you search builder and it allows you to create search forms as your business need.

To add new search form head over to Listdom -> “Search Builder” and Click on “Add Search”. In this article we will overview available options and we will explain each option completely in another parts.

Add Row: With this option you can create a row, drag and drop fields to each row.
More Options: When you click on this option, the rows which are after option will be shown as more option in the frontend.

Available Fields: you can see list of fields here and drag and drop those to rows

Search Button: Each row has this configuration and it allows you to enable search button in the row that you want to show search button.

Form: in this section you can define which page and shortcode should show the listing result. Also in this section you can define how this search form should show the search form(for example sidebar view).

Shortcode: Finally you will have a shortcode that you can use that anywhere that you want.