Add Listing

Now, It’s time to create a listing. In fact adding a listing is so simple and you can head over to Listings menu and after that “Add Listing”.

As you see there are so many parts in this menu which we will investigate those one by one. The first section is “Listing Title” and “Listing Description” which we have for all posts in WordPress.

When you want to add new listing you see so many fields and sections in the add listing process which we will explain them here shortly. however , you can find more information about each part in the next sections:

  • Location(in map): you can define location of each listing.
  • Price Options: Define price for each listing in different currencies.
  • Work Hours: Specify the working time period and off days for your listings.
  • Contact Details: This information will should to visitors to contact the listing contact point.
  • Attributes: Each listing belong to a category and each category has some attributes which allow you to enter data for that listing. For example discount number.
  • Categories: it is possible for you to define category for your listing. For example this listing is in Hotels category.
  • Locations(in checkbox): it is possible that you define some predefined locations and set that this listing is available in this locations. For example, different cities of your country or different regions.
  • Tags: this feature which use by all posts in WordPress is useful for categorise listings with their tags for example 24/7 tag which uses for listing that are available during the 7 days 24 hours.
  • Features: listing need have features tag to specify which abilisite they prepare for their clients. For example free wifi.
  • Labels: labels is an additional feature which is visible for visitors and you can have their attention for the listing that have special labels. For example, Recommended! Label.
  • Remark: listing owners can show a message to their readers with this field.
  • Display Options: admin and listing owner(if admin allow) can define the style which this listing show or they can mention which sections should/should not show in the listing detail page.
  • Gallery: In this section you can add multiple images and those will show as gallery in the listing details page.
  • Embed: In this section you can add multiple Embed Codes and in the listing detail those data will show.

Front-end view – Marker:

Front-end view – Shape: