Subscriptions Addon Documentation

Create member-specific access for classified items

Do you need to create special access for members? Here’s how the Listdom classifieds directory WordPress plugin created it. With Listdom Subscriptions Add-on you can have paid listing functionality. You define the packages in the admin area and the users buy those packages from the Listdom dashboard and then add listings based on their package policies.

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subscriptions addon classifieds directory

When you download and install “Subscriptions Addon ” it will have 3 effect on your Listdom installation:

  • New section will be added to the Addons tab of Listdom -> Settings menus and you can configure this addon.
  • Packages menu will add to Listdom menu, you can define your packages and see list of current packages as well.
  • Subscriptions menu will add to Listdom menu, you can define your subscriptions and see list of current subscriptions as well.


Configuration of Listdom classifieds directory Subscription addon

Default Subscription: If you select a package as default it will assign automatically to new users that register. If you have some users currently you can go to the Listdom menu and then Subscription menu and add that subscriptions for users manually.
Auto Order Complete: With this option you can define that the order automatically should complete or not.


Packaging of subscribers in Listdom classifieds directory

Title: Package title
Description: Package description
WooCommerce Product: Select the WooCommerce product that you want users to pay for.
Listing Limit: Number of Listings that users can submit with this package.
Subscription Duration: Number of days that subscription and listings will be active.
One Time Purchase: If you enable this users can buy the package just one time.
Listing Auto Confirm: If you enable this option listing will automatically confirm after adding.
Listing Auto Label: Select the labels that you want to assign to listings of this package automatically.
Available Categories: Select the categories users of this package can add listings.

Dashboard of subscription dashboard in Listdom classifieds directory

In the Dashboard Modules section you can set which elements should be when someone buy this package.

Link of subscription addon in Listdom classifieds directory

You can use this URL for price table plugins or call to action links. It adds the package to the user cart and redirects the user to WooCommerce cart page.

Recurring Payment Support:

Subscriptions addon already integrated with “WooCommerce Subscriptions” and “YITH WooCommerce Subscription”. These WooCommerce related plugins give you ability of recurring payments for your products.

When you want to have a package that has recurring payment, the type of the WooCommerce product that links to the listdom package should be subscriptions.

Also we have 2 more notifications for this type. First one is Hold notification, when a listing is going to be Hold this notification is sent to the user. Also the second one is Renew notification which when automatic renew happens this notification is sending.



Menu of subscription addon in Listdom classifieds directory

Title: title of subscription order.
WooCommerce Order: It is a link that you can click and see order details of subscriptions.
Subscriber: Which user ordered the subscription.
Package: The package that this subscription belongs to.
Subscription Time: Date and time that subscription has been ordered.
Expiry Time: Date and time that subscription will finish and listings will be inactive.
Status: Show subscription status.
Listings: Listings that were added for this package.