Reviews Addon

When you download and install “Reviews Addon” new section will be added to the Addons tab of Listdom -> Settings and you can configure this addon.

Contributions Type: set you want to have Listdom reviews and WordPress comments with together or only Listdom reviews.
Rating Method: there is an option you can enable “Overall Rating field” to take from users or you can select “Average of Rating Fields” and the system will calculate the overall rating.
Minimum Word Count: minimum word count of review description.
Maximum Word Count: maximum word count of review description.
Who can submit reviews?: you can specify which user types can submit reviews.
Who can see reviews?: you can specify which user types can see listing reviews.
Delete Permission: allow users to delete their own reviews.
Automatically Approve Reviews: enable this option and reviews will automatically approve and show immediately after users submit.
Feedback Module: enabling this option gives users to like or dislike each other reviews.
Count of loaded reviews: count of reviews that you want to show in listings.
Order By: how reviews should order in the listing details page.
Image Module: By enabling the image module, your website users can upload optional images for their review.

When you enable this addon a form will show in the listing and according to configuration that you already defined they can add their reviews.