Claim Addon

When you download and install “Claim Addon” new section will be added to the Addons tab of Listdom -> Settings and you can configure this addon.

With this addon you can give the ability to your users to claim a listing that currently exist in your website and they will request and pay(if you enable) to claim the listing.

Show “Verified” Label: If you enable this feature, after your confirmation for claims verified tag will be in the listing details page.
Comment: It will show in claim form as a helper message. HTML and shortcodes are allowed.
File: with enabling this field users can send file in the claim form.
File Max Size: Maximum file size in kilobytes. For example 1024KB means 1MB and 20480KB means 20MB.
Allowed File Extensions: this is a comma separated field and you can enter the file extensions that your users can upload file for you. For example pdf,docx,txt.
Required: with this field you can specify upload file field is mandatory or not.
Agreement Checkbox: If you enable this agreement checkbox will show in the claim form and users should agree conditions to submit form.
Text: agreement text that will show to users.

In order to use Claim addon WooCommerce should be enabled and you should have an active product for claim.

WooCommerce Product: Select the product that your users should pay in claim form.
Auto Order Complete: If you enable this field users claim will automatically confirm after payment.
Payment Time: In this field you can define when users should pay for their claim. It already has 2 options, during the application or after admin confirms.

Another effect of this addon in the backend is adding Claims menu to Listdom menu.

When you enter this menu you can see all claim requests, confirm those, see status and …

This addon will show an icon for each listing and it will give the ability to your users to claim a listing.