Booking Addon

When you download and install “Booking Addon ” a new section will be added to the Addons tab of Listdom -> Settings and you can configure this addon.

Reservation Mode: By enabling reservation mode, your booking addon switches to reservation mode completely. Therefore some features will be disabled.
Guest Booking: with this feature you can enable/disable booking for guest users.
Event Availability: Define the search policy for the booking addon search form.
Payment: with this option you can enable payment for users over the bookings.

On the other hand, you can add booking details for each listing in the edit listings.

Bookables Type: You can set which type of bookable does this listing have, it is daily booking, event, or a room/property.
Currency: currency that you want to show in backend
Checkin: Checking time for listing.
Checkout: Checkout time for listing.
Bookables: In this section you can add items that this listing can book.Each listing can have 1 or multiple items to book.

When you add this configuration you will see the following form in the listing details page.

Also the owner of the listing will see requests in the frontend dashboard.