Auction Addon Documentation

How to create an auction on your directories

Setting up an auction option for your website using Listdam is very simple with the Listdom directory WP plugin. Auction Addon gives you the ability to have auction functionality with your listings. For each listing users and visitors can add their offers. Then the directory owner and admin can see the offers and accept one of them in the edit of the listing page

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Auction addon on directory items

When you download and install “Auction Addon ” a new section will be added to the Addons tab of Listdom -> Settings and you can configure this addon.

Activation of Auction addon directory plugin

Guest Offer: If you enable this guest users can add their offer.
Offer Comment: If you enable this it will allow users to add comments with their offers.
Sort Offers By: default sort option for showing offers in listing details page. At this time amount and date are available.

When you configure the addon you can see the following section in the listing details page:

Frontend of Auction addon directory plugin

Also Listing owner and admin can accept one of the offers in the edit listing page:

Edit list of Auction addon Listdom directory plugin

When the admin or listing owner accepts one of the offers the auction will close automatically and form will not show.