Masonry view Style 1 – Categories

Present directory items on the masonry view

The correct categorization of items becomes more important when we know that the Listdom directory plugin for WordPress has made it possible to display them based on their different attributes by using its various views. On this page, you can see the demo of the masonry view and display based on categories.

Manda Jewellery Store, Munich, Germany
$100 - $300 /per order

Licking Library, Brasilia, Brazil
$10 - $30 /per month

Gold Casino, Moscow , Russia
$20 - $300 /Per Game

LCU University, Paris, France
$200 - $700 /per term

Anda Exchange, Santiago, Chile
$10 - $10,000 /per order

Best Point Shopping Center, Rome, Italy
$15 - $99 /per order

Central Hospital, Ottawa, Canada
$100 - $700 /per nigth

Health City Pharmacy, Mexico City, Mexico
$5 - $200 /per order

Green Inter Clinic, Madrid, Spain
$30 /Per Week

Polk Global School, Amsterdam, Netherlands
$500 - $1,000 /per year

Veterinay Zoo Vet, Quito, Ecuador
$10 - $500 /per order