Change Log

Improvements of Listdom WordPress Listing plugin

On this page, review the latest changes related to the Listdom WordPress Listing plugin. We are always improving and trying to provide more and more optimal features for our customers.

v2.5.0 October 30th, 2022

– [ADDON] Released Network addon!

– [ADDON] Released Ads addon!

– [PRO] Added ability to display image slider in archive shortcodes instead of featured image.

– Improved the listing translations.

– Improved the compatibility with some third party plugins including page builder plugins.

– Fixed some issues in multilingual websites.

v2.4.0 April 24th, 2022

– [PRO] Added an ability to manage required fields for frontend submission.

– [PRO] Added an ability to display radius field in search form.

– [PRO] Added radius-dropdown method to radius search.

– Added WhatsApp, tiktok, and youtube to the social networks.

– Added infinite scroll pagination method to list, grid, listgrid, halfmap and table skins.

– Disabled auto GPS when a geo request is made by user.

– Improved the interface of filter options in shortcode builder.

– Fixed some multilingual issues.

– Fixed a compatibility issue with Avada theme.

v2.3.0 December 26th, 2021

– Added new map routes to the API.

– Added an ability to disable marker click on maps.

– Improved the map render time.

– Disabled one finger drag in leaflet map for mobile devices.

– Fixed an issue in search widget in some multilingual websites.

– Fixed an issue in primary category.

– Fixed an issue in marker lightbox.

2.2.0 October 10th, 2021

– [ADDON] Released Elementor Compatibility addon!

– [ADDON] Released Divi Builder Compatibility addon!

– Added webp image support.

– [PRO] Added pagination to frontend dashboard.

– [PRO] Fixed some issues in hierarchical dropdown.

– Fixed an issue regarding style 1 of details page.

2.1.1 June 27th, 2021

– Added Instagram to social network options.

– [PRO] Improved guest user listing submission.

– Improved the social network options.

– Fixed some PHP notices.

– Fixed an issue in status change notification.

2.1.0 April 8th, 2021

– Added an option to change date format of date picker fields.

– Added an option to disable “Listing Link” field.

– Added HTML editor to the remark field.

– Added an ability to switch languages in REST API.

– Added some new endpoints to the REST API for multilingual websites.

– Fixed an issue regarding halfmap skin.

– Fixed an issue in search module.

2.0.0 February 27th, 2021

– [ADDON] Released Franchise addon!

– [ADDON] Released Compare addon!

– [ADDON] Released APS addon!

– [ADDON] Released Stats addon!

– [PRO] Added an ability to disable image display per short-code.

– [PRO] Added a feature to change the listing link method with normal, blank, and disabled options.

– Added new notification for listing status update.

– Added report abuse element.

– Fixed some issues regarding schema feature.

– Fixed some issues.

1.9.0 November 8th, 2020

– [ADDON] Released ACF Integration addon!

– [ADDON] Released Auction addon!

– [ADDON] Released BuddyPress Integration addon!

– [ADDON] Released KML addon!

– Added price class feature.

– Added an option to display human readable criteria to the search module.

– Added an option to change the currency position.

– Added style 3 to list, grid, listgrid, and halfmap skins.

– Added style 5 to carousel skin.

– Added style 4 to cover skin.

– Added style 3 to masonry skin.

– Added style 3 to table skin.

– Added website field to contact details of listing and owner.

– Disabled scroll wheel on leaflet map.

1.8.0 September 4th, 2020

– [ADDON] Released Booking addon!

– [ADDON] Released Multiple Categories addon!

– [ADDON] Released Advanced Icon addon!

– [ADDON] Released Listing Visibility addon!

– [PRO] Added an option to load locations and features in multiple dropdown instead of checkboxes in frontend dashboard.

– [PRO] Added required option for the attribute fields.

– Added a new feature to select some predefined terms in taxonomy fields of search builder.

– Added list / grid switcher in the half map skin.

– Added random sort option.

– Added an option to manage zoom levels of GPS feature.

– Added no listing message.

– Improved the settings menu.

– Fixed an issue of not having HTML codes in Notifications.

– Fixed an issue in modal content.

– Fixed an issue in featured image uploading for guest users.

1.7.0 July 2nd, 2020

– [ADDON] Released Team addon!

– Added an option to load listing details page into light-box on click of marker.

– Improved the Listdom icons.

– Fixed some issues.

1.6.3 June 6th, 2020

– Fixed some UI issues related to icons.

1.6.2 June 5th, 2020

– [ADDON] Released Rate & Review addon!

– [PRO] Added radius seacrh in search module.

– Added compatibility with WP 2020 theme.

– Escaped all the translate-able strings based on their context.

– Improved security by sanitizing inputs.

– Escaped dynamic HTML tags.

– Improved security of Embed feature.

– Fixed some issues in loading CSS and JS assets.

– Removed inline CSS and JS codes.

– Improved the structure of Listdom API.

– Fixed an issue in assigning listing to user after approving by admin.

– Fixed an issue in showing map element in style 1.

1.6.1 May 10th, 2020

– [ADDON] Released Labelize addon!

– [ADDON] Released Subscriptions addon!

– [ADDON] Released Paid Member Subscriptions Integration addon!

– [PRO] Added hierarchical dropdown method for taxonomies in search builder.

– Added some new endpoints to the API.

– Improved security of listdom and addons.

– Fixed an issue in search builder regarding default values.

– Fixed some issues.

1.6.0 March 23rd, 2020

– [ADDON] Released Claim addon!

– [ADDON] Released Topup addon!

– Added an ability to show all values of a certain attribute in the search builder.

– Improved security of Listdom.

– Fixed an issue regarding showing all attributes in API.

1.5.0 Fabruary 8th, 2020

– [ADDON] Released Favorites addon!

– [ADDON] Released Rank addon!

– [PRO] Added schema (Structured Data) feature to boost SEO.

– Improved Listdom Restful API.

– Fixed some issues in permission of Restful API.

– Fixed an issue in search of text fields.

– Fixed some issues.

1.4.0 January 11th, 2020

– [ADDON] Released Mobile Application addon!

– Added Listdom Restful API.

– [PRO] Added embed code feature to submit videos, virtual tours etc. for certain listings!.

– Fixed category hierarchy issue on attributes menu.

– Fixed a conflict between Listdom and Elementor.

– Fixed some PHP notices.

1.3.1 December 17th, 2019

– [ADDON] Released CSV addon!

– [PRO] Added dashboard module controls so the modules can be disabled / enabled.

– [PRO] Added ability to export and import listing gallery.

– Fixed an issue in target page of search form when the shortcode loads in archive instead of singular page.

– Fixed some PHP notices.

1.3.0 December 2nd, 2019

– [ADDON] Released Advanced Map addon!

– [PRO] Added advanced import and export system.

– Fixed an issue in map search feature.

1.2.1 November 27th, 2019

– [PRO] Added hierarchical support for category taxonomy.

– Added an dashboard notification system to manage the system emails.

– Added HTML marker to leaflet.

– Improved leaflet clustering for polygon, rectangle and polylines.

– Fixed an issue in leaflet clustering.

1.2.0 November 5th, 2019

– [PRO] Added dashboard shortcode to add and manage listings from frontend.

– [PRO] Added clustering feature for leaflet map.

– Added search functionality to the shortcode builder for different skins.

– Fixed some issues on search builder.

– Fixed an issue in availability form.

– Fixed an issue in warning of Google Maps API Key.

– Fixed an issue in saving the attributes.

– Fixed a query issue on skins.

1.1.1 October 16th, 2019

– Added multiple dropdown search methods.

– Improved dummy data importer to import a default search form too.

– Fixed some issues on settings page.

1.1.0 October 15th, 2019

– Added Advanced Search Builder.

– Added ability to hide email, fax, mobile, etc. in owner element.

– Improved search widget to work with search builder!

– Fixed some issues.

1.0.2 September 7th, 2019

– [PRO] Improved design of GPS icon in the map module.

– Fixed some tiny issues.

1.0.1 September 2nd, 2019

– [PRO] Improved activation and update process!

1.0.0 August 25th, 2019

– Initial version released with many features.