Change Log


– [ADDON] Released Claim addon!

– [ADDON] Released Topup addon!

– Added an ability to show all values of a certain attribute in the search builder.

– Improved security of Listdom.

– Fixed an issue regarding showing all attributes in API.


– [ADDON] Released Favorites addon!

– [ADDON] Released Rank addon!

– [PRO] Added schema (Structured Data) feature to boost SEO.

– Improved Listdom Restful API.

– Fixed some issues in permission of Restful API.

– Fixed an issue in search of text fields.

– Fixed some issues.


– [ADDON] Released Mobile Application addon!

– Added Listdom Restful API.

– [PRO] Added embed code feature to submit videos, virtual tours etc. for certain listings!.

– Fixed category hierarchy issue on attributes menu.

– Fixed a conflict between Listdom and Elementor.

– Fixed some PHP notices.


– [ADDON] Released CSV addon!

– [PRO] Added dashboard module controls so the modules can be disabled / enabled.

– [PRO] Added ability to export and import listing gallery.

– Fixed an issue in target page of search form when the shortcode loads in archive instead of singular page.

– Fixed some PHP notices.


– [ADDON] Released Advanced Map addon!

– [PRO] Added advanced import and export system.

– Fixed an issue in map search feature.


– [PRO] Added hierarchical support for category taxonomy.

– Added an dashboard notification system to manage the system emails.

– Added HTML marker to leaflet.

– Improved leaflet clustering for polygon, rectangle and polylines.

– Fixed an issue in leaflet clustering.


– [PRO] Added dashboard shortcode to add and manage listings from frontend.

– [PRO] Added clustering feature for leaflet map.

– Added search functionality to the shortcode builder for different skins.

– Fixed some issues on search builder.

– Fixed an issue in availability form.

– Fixed an issue in warning of Google Maps API Key.

– Fixed an issue in saving the attributes.

– Fixed a query issue on skins.


– Added multiple dropdown search methods.

– Improved dummy data importer to import a default search form too.

– Fixed some issues on settings page.


– Added Advanced Search Builder.

– Added ability to hide email, fax, mobile, etc. in owner element.

– Improved search widget to work with search builder!

– Fixed some issues.


– [PRO] Improved design of GPS icon in the map module.

– Fixed some tiny issues.


– [PRO] Improved activation and update process!


– Initial version released with many features.