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In this article we will explain the features that a business directory WordPress theme needs to have and how to select the best one with these features and options. Also we will introduce the best business directory WordPress theme in the market and explain how to install and configure it.

Available On WordPress Themes Repository

A good business directory WordPress theme should be available in the WordPress Themes repository. The themes which are available there are free and GPL and you can install them without any payment. Also some of them have paid versions as well but the free version should be available in the WordPress themes repository. For example, by searching Listdomer on the Appearance section of WordPress admin panel you can find the best business directory WordPress theme and then install and activate it.

Use a Great Business Directory Plugin

According to WordPress rules and standards themes need to use a plugin in order to add functionalities to WordPress and they call it plugin territory. So a standard business directory theme needs a plugin to be the engine of the business directory. You need to ensure the theme which you selected is using a powerful business directory plugin. For example, Listdomer is using the Listdom plugin which is the best option in order to set up a listing and directory. Listdomer has been integrated with all views of Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro and Listdom Add-ons.

Demo Importer

Demo importer is a feature that makes the process of setting up really easy, with some simple click your website will be fully ready and you do not need to add everything from scratch. Listdomer, has a great demo importer which click a full website like its demo with some simple click and save you lots of time.

Number of List Views and Search Builder

It is really important, how many views the plugin and theme provides you in order to show listings in the website. Listdom and of course Listomer already support more than 90 different skins and styles like half map, grid, list, table, slider, masonry, cover, map views and you can use them without any limitation.

Also in Listdom you can define search forms with the structure that you need and use them in Listdomer as simple as putting a shortcode in a page.

Front-end Add/Manage Listings

Listdom Pro which is a paid version of Listdom is offering this amazing feature and your users can add their listings from the front-end without referring to you and it helps your online business to grow faster than your competitors. Also Listdomer has a great skin for this feature and it looks really amazing in Listdomer.

Listdomer Pro: Advanced feature

Listdomer Pro provides you advanced features that you can change colors of everything in your website and you will have control on every detail of your website. Also Listdom Pro is included in the Listdomer Pro licence and you can buy it from the Totalery shop page.


Listdomer is the best business directory WordPress theme which you can select and also it is using Listdom mainly as its own business directory engine. Listdomer has been integrated with all views of Listdom, Listdom Pro, Listdom add-ons and you can have the best styles which you need with it.

If you have any questions regarding these amazing solutions our support team are ready to answer your questions as soon as possible.