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In this article we are going to explain features that a WordPress local search directory plugin need and how Listdom lite which is free WordPress local directory plugin cover all of those.

First of all, you need to define categories and each category will have different fields. For example data that you are showing for banks is different than data that you are showing for shopping centers. So Listdom is providing you categories feature that you can define different categories and attributes that allow you create different fields for each category(custom fields is available in Listdom Pro).

After that, in local search directory websites there is a location based filter. For example cities of a country or districts of a city. In the location section of Listdom you can define these locations and the owners and you can add business or listings in each location.

Then, labels are so important to highlight some specific and features listings. For example you can see the VIP or Featured labels in the local search directory websites. Listdom as a local search directory WordPress plugin offers you labels features and you can use those as you wish and your business plan need.

Finally add listing and configurable search module is so necessary that allow you and listing owners add listings in your business and visitors search and find what they need. Listdom offer you a configurable search form which you can create a search form that you need. Also as directory plugin which following fully WordPress rules you can use the standard structure of this CMS to give add listing feature to your users or agents.

If you have any questions or need help contact us, also it is possible to open a ticket in our support platform, or contact us from our Live Chat which is available in all pages.