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If you are looking for a WordPress Directory Plugin Elementor you are in the correct location. In this article we are going to introduce the best Directory Plugin for Elementor. As you most probably know WordPress and Elementor we will introduce the plugins which are Listdom Pro and Listdom Elementor Addon which are the best in order to set up a directory website with WordPress and Elementor.

Listdom Pro

Listdom Pro is a WordPress directory plugin that provides you with so many advanced features in order to set up a directory website in WordPress. When you install Listdom Pro 2 new menus will be added to the WordPress backend that you can use to have whatever you need.

In the Listing menu you can add the categorize options in order to classify directory listings based on category, locations, features, tags and labels. Also you can add listings to your directory here. Adding Listings in Listdom is as simple as adding a page or post in WordPress but you have more options there in order to provide the requirements of a directory website. The great feature that Listdom Pro provides you are Attributes, with this section you can add custom fields per category or for all categories.

Now we will explain about the another option which is Listdom menu. Here you can create shortcodes and add these shortcodes in the Elementor to show listings in the website. You can show the listings in more than 90 different skins and styles. In the Search Builder section you can create search forms dynamically and then you will have a search form shortcode and again you can use them in the Elementor. The Notification section has been developed in order to change the email notifications that Listdom sends. The final section is related to the Settings section where you can change configurations like Google Map keys, set map providers like OpenStreetMap and… .

Listdom Pro also provides front-end add/manage listings that users can add their listings from the website without accessing the backend. There are so many other advanced features which you can find all of them in the Listdom Pro demo.

Listdom Elementor Addon

When you are setting up a directory website it is so important to design the ADS or listing details page yourself in order to have what you exactly need. Listdom Elementor Addon gives you the ability to design the details page with Elementor by dragging and dropping the elements to different positions that you want.


Listdom Pro and Listdom Elementor Addon are the best WordPress directory plugins for WordPress in order to set up great directory websites and cover whatever you need there. Also there are so many other Listdom Addons which you can see in the Listdom Add-ons page and a greate WordPress listing theme which you can find freely in the WordPress theme repository.

If you have any questions regarding these amazing solutions Totalery support team are there to help you to answer your questions as soon as possible.