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In this article we will answer one of the questions that are in the market. If “What Is The Best Directory Listing WordPress Plugin” is your question as well you are in the right location. Listdom, as the best directory listing plugin for WordPress has lots of features that we will explain them one by one.

Firstly, we will explain the features that Listdom lite provide you. Listdom lite is a free version that allows you to create a directory listing website and you can download it from the WordPress repository.
With Listdom lite you can:

Secondly, Listdom has a pro version which provides some additional features to the Listdom lite and makes it more professional. This version is available on our shop and you can see its additional features in the following list:

In addition to the above features and tools, Listdom provide you some addons which you can have additional feature if you need. For example:

Also we continually add new addons to our shop and if you need an addon which does not exist here you can contact us via our support platform, contact page or live chat which is available in all pages.