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In this article we are going to explain the features of Listdom which allow you to create matrimonial directories in WordPress. To begin with, matrimonial directories usually list the businesses that give services in matrimonial area so it is very important to have the following features.

First of all, you should be able to categorize the directory listings with categories, tags, locations, features, labels. Also labels give you the ability to highlight some listings that you want. Listdom Lite which is free version of Listdom provide you these feature for free.
Also Listdom Pro allows you to great custom fields per category or for all categories. As you know each service type or business has different fields.

Secondly, in Listdom Lite you can manage and add listings very simply in back-end. On the other hand Listdom Pro you can give this ability to your users to submit their listings in your directory from the front-end. In addition Listdom Lite has a great search builder feature which you can create different search forms as your business needs.

After that, showing the directory listings on map is very important to show the location of business services. Listdom lite already supports google maps and you can use that. If you are interested in using OpenStreetMap which is a free map then Listdom Pro offers this feature for you.

Finally, in Listdom you can show your listings in 80 different skins and styles. For example half map/half view, grid view, list view, list + grid view, masonry view, slider view, carousel view, cover view and … .

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