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Having an employee directory is going to be so necessary in lots of different cases in the business environment. For example, as a company you can create a local or public employee directory and list your employees with their abilities list and it will help them to connect and know each other better. On the other hand, you can give this ability to the public to know your employees better. So in this article we are going to introduce an employee directory WordPress plugin.

An introduction to WordPress and Listdom

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the market and you can create amazing websites with very simple but powerful tools. On the other hand, you cannot set up an employee directory with its default features. Listdom is an employee directory WordPress plugin which adds additional features to WordPress default features and you can create a directory with its amazing features. It has been released in Lite and Pro versions and we are going to explain how you can set up an employee directory with each one.

Listdom Lite: Free and wonderful

As soon as you install the Listdom Lite from WordPress repository 2 new main menus will add to WordPress back-end and you can manage everything there. First of all we will explain the Listings menu and after that we will talk about Listdom menu options.

Listings menus have been mainly considered to add listings and categories them in different entities. You can add categories, locations, features, tags, labels. Categories are ideal for departments, locations are great for defining offices, features are good for technologies and abilities, tags for keywords, and labels for current positions. Then you can add listings and use these categorized options in listings and in addition to those you can define title, description, working hours, manager’s remark, image, gallery, and…

Then we will talk about Listdom menu options and their functionalities. First of all you can create short-codes in the Short-codes menu and show the employees in front-end in more than 90 different skins and styles. For example, employees of the central office or specific department. After that you can create dynamic search forms in the Search Builder menu and then use them in different search pages. Also, you can change plugin settings of the plugin in Settings menus, for example, Google Map, Listing details, slugs and…. Also, you see there are lots of other features that you can enjoy using them.

Listdom Pro: Professional features under one roof

Listdom Pro is a paid employee directory WordPress plugin which adds professional features to Listdom Lite. In this section we are going to explain how you can use these amazing features.

First of all, Listdom Pro allows you to add custom fields per category or for all categories. Imagine you will use Listdom categories and your company departments, then you can have different fields for each department.

After that, Listdom pro allows you to have a front-end dashboard and your employees can add their information and can make a profile for themselves without accessing the back-end. You also can add their profile and then allow them to only edit the information.

If you want to use maps in your employee directory, but you are not interested in Google Maps as it needs an API key. Listdom Pro has been integrated with OpenStreetMap which is a free map and does not need an API key anymore.

Listdom Pro supports lots of other wonderful features like support embed code to add videos from YouTube or interactive maps that allows you to search employees and offices on map interactively. You can see a detailed list of features of the Listdom features page.

Listdom Add-ons give you powerful abilities

At this time Litdom already has more than 20 wonderful add-ons that each one can play a big role in your employee directory website. In this section we are going to introduce just some of them and explain how they work in this area.

First of all, we will talk about Listdom CSV importer add-on in detail. If you want to add all your employees in one process and with a CSV file. This add-on will do what you want perfectly.

After that, if you want to define position of each employee in the employees list Listdom Rank Add-on give you this ability. You can set rank for different parameters and each time that an employee takes an entity they will go higher on the list.

You can see a list of Listdom Add-ons on a special page which we considered for this on our website.


Finally, Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro, and Listdom Add-ons enable you to have a great employee directory on the WordPress CMS platform. You can start with Listdom Lite, then upgrade to Listdom Pro safely and finally step by step add each Listdom Add-on that you need.