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In this article we are going to introduce features of Listdom Lite which is the best and advanced directory listing plugin for WordPress and you can download it for free from WordPress repository.

To begin with, categorizing data is very important in a WordPress directory and listings plugin. Listdom lite which is free gives you ability to categorize listings based on categories, locations, features, tags, and labels. For each feature you can create shortcodes and show listings based on different filters. On the other hand, you can create a menu for each feature that we already mentioned.

After that, Listdom lite provides you a shortcode builder which you can show listings with different skin and styles. For example you can show listings on half map half view, list + grid view, list view, grid view, masonry view, map view, slider view, carousel view, and cover view.

Another amazing feature which Listdom lite provides you is search builder. You can create search forms as you want and show them with a shortcode or search widget. You can see how we are showing search form in different styles and locations as bellow:

These features are just some features of Listdom Lite and Listdom Pro. You can see all the features that we have in our live demo and see how to configure those in our online documentation.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us with our contact us page, support platform, or use our live chat which is available everywhere.