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In this article we are going to introduce Listdom which is the best directory listing plugin for WordPress. Listdom has been released in Lite and Pro versions and here we will explain how to set them up in WordPress.

Listdom Lite: The Best Free Directory Listing For WordPress

Listdom Lite is a free directory listing WordPress Plugin which is available in WordPress repository. With this Listdom version you can create a fully functional directory listing website as simple as what you are doing in WordPress. In this section we are going to introduce and explain how to use the categorize options, add/manage listings, show listings in front-end, search form and Listdom settings.

First of all, please go to the WordPress back-end and then click on the Listings menu. In this section you see the available categorize options which are categories, locations, features, tags and labels. For example “Bank” is a good example for categories. You can define these categorized options and in the next steps you will use those.

After that, click on “Add Listing” and start adding new listings to your directory listing website. When you add a listing you can specify title, description, price, working hours, contact information, remark, the categorize options, and map address/location.

Then, it is the time to show the listings in the front-end in more than 90 different skins and styles. In order to do this you need to create a short-code in the shortcodes menu of the Listdom menu and then create a short-code with the filters that you want. Now you just need to put the generated short-code in a page and show the listings.

Finally you can create search forms dynamically with Listdom, it will help you to create search forms based on your project requirements. In order to create search forms you need to go to the “Search Builder” menu in the Listom Menu in the back-end and drag and drop the fields to the form.

Listdom Pro: The best Paid Directory Listing WordPress Plugin.

Listdom Pro is a paid directory listing plugin which provides you with more advanced and modern features. Working with Listdom Pro is as simple as WordPress and Listdom Lite and you can easily work with that. In this section we will talk about Attributes(custom fields), front-end dashboard, OpenStreetMap, Embed Video and interactive map searches and how to set up them.

First of all, having attributes(custom fields) helps you to easily extend the add listing form and create fields for all or per category. In order to create a custom field you need to go to the Attributes menu of the Listings menu in the back-end. For example, “Parking Capacity” is a good example for the restaurant category.

After that, having a front-end add/manage listing will be a great feature if you want to give your users the ability to add their listing to your directory without accessing the back-end. In order to have this amazing feature you just need to add Listdom Dashboard short-code to a WordPress normal page and have it.

The next feature which we will talk about is OpenStreetMap which is a free map provider and does not need any API or payment. As soon as you install the Listdom Pro new map provider will be added to the Listdom Map Providers and you can select LeafLetJS to use OpenStreetMap as your map provider.

Finally Listdom Pro provides Embed Videos and Google Map interactive search functionality. Embed videos feature will help you to add YouTube videos to the listings and they will be more attractive. And google map interactive search will give the ability to users to change the Google Map location and see the result based on that.

Listdom Addons: Be the Best In the Market

Listdom already have more than 25 addons that each one helps you to be the best in the market. For example, Listdom Android/IOS Mobile apps will allow you to be on your users phone and Listdom CSV Importer Add-on will help you to import listings with CSV file and bulkley.

You can see other Listdom Add-ons in the Listdom official website and see each add-on functionalities in the demo pages.


Generally Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro and Listdom Add-ons are the best directory listing plugin for WordPress and you can create a great online platform with them. If you have any questions you can visit Listdom official website and ask them from our high quality support teammates.