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In this article we are going to explain advanced search features that a WordPress directory plugin should have. Also we will explain how Listdom lite and Listdom Pro provide you the advanced search options as simple as possible.

Each directory website need different search forms, these search forms are based on the business plan that you have. So you need to have a search builder to create the search form as you want. Listdom as the best and advanced WordPress directory plugin provides you search builder and you can create simple or advanced search forms and use anywhere that you want.

A search form should give you a shortcode that allows you to show the search form anywhere that you want. With this way you can show your search form in all page builders or WordPress default editors. Also it is necessary to have a widget to show the search form that you created on WordPress sidebars. Listdom provide you both ways in the modern and simple structure.

Now it is time to talk about search form position, according to structure of WordPress based websites, a WordPress directory plugin should have a powerful styles feature to specify position of search form in your page. Usually there are 3 positions:

If you click on each type you will see how these types look like and if you want to see how to configure these types in Listdom click here.

Listdom is the best WordPress plugin with advanced search options and you can have a lot of features and use those as simple as possible.

If you have any questions or need further information you can contact us, create a ticket in our support platform or use our live chat which is available in all pages.