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In this article, we will examine how to create a paid membership subscription business. There are many ideas that can be implemented as a business, based on the paid membership, here we introduce the best ones based on the predicted trends in 2023.

A. How paid subscription business model work?

Make it possible for your website that you and others to create their own listings and sell them as a package of different accesses on your platform. In this business model, your customers constantly use your services or products in exchange for a one-time membership fee payment. Businesses that are based on paid membership subscriptions have the opportunity to potentially have loyal customers for themselves and benefit from a steady stream of income with proper support and proper services. Starting this business will not cost much and it is possible to start generating income with a very small cost. For this reason, you can quickly get your capital back and start making profits.

For the steps of creating this work, Totalery technical team will be with you with lifelong support.

how paid membership subscription model work on listing wordpress

If you own a directory listing website or are planning to create one to earn a steady income over time, this article is for you. At first, we will introduce the necessary tools for equipping the business and then we will present the ideas.

B.  Listing website for paid membership subscription:

1. The basics of a subscription-based website:

First, you need a list of services or products, or content that you intend to provide in exchange for paying a subscription fee. This list can be based on your abilities, interests, or what you see as an opportunity in the current business environment. In this article, we mention 23 great ideas to get started.

Setting up a WordPress listing directory website is now straightforward using the available plugins. One of these functional plugins that we have provided for you is Listdom.

Listdom WordPress listing directory plugin in two free and Pro versions provides you with great facilities to create a professional listing-based business and therefore it is great to start a paid membership subscription business.

Learn more about Listdom listing pluginLearn more about Listdom listing plugin

2. Setting up a paid membership subscription tool on listings:

With Listdom Subscriptions Add-on you can have paid listing functionality. You define the packages in the admin area and the users buy those packages from the Listdom dashboard and then add listings based on their package policies.

Listdom Subscriptions (Paid Listings) Addon

If you are using Paid Member Subscriptions plugin, Listdom PMS Addon gives you the ability to limit Listdom categories for different membership levels. For example, you can say that listings which belong to the bank category should be visible for specific membership levels.

Listdom PMS Addon - subscription business

C. Great paid membership subscription business ideas:

1. Subscribe for pro cooking recipes:

If you are a chef, you must have thought about teaching your professional recipes and making money from them.

You can create a list of your tutorials for the best foods and create a monthly subscription to access them or part of them. In this way, the users of your website need to pay to view all the tutorials and recipes in order to become a member of your website.

cooking listing website for subscription members

2. Online fitness classes:

Even after corvid, the number of people who want to exercise at home is very high. If you are a fitness trainer, you can have your own website.

Make a list of programs and exercises suitable for fitness and health and create content for them. You can keep your members loyal to you on a monthly basis and train them.

Online fitness class business directory with subscription members listing

3. Graphics software tutorials:

The number of people who learn graphic software online through YouTube or online courses is increasing. If you have expertise in this field, this is still a great opportunity.

Graphic techniques and software are continuously updated, so ongoing training and practice of techniques are required. For this reason, many people are willing to subscribe to your educational website for a reasonable monthly fee.

subscription members listing tutorials of graphic softwares

4. Social media marketing tricks:

One of the most important trends of 2023 is social media, many big and small businesses are looking to improve their sales through social media.

Consulting and teaching work in social media as a marketer, if it is your specialty, by creating a paid membership subscription website and creating a listing of services and training, can generate good income for you.

subscription members listing for social media tricks

5. Music training videos:

Learning an instrument is a long-term process and can have different levels so that the learner becomes a professional musician.

If you are a music teacher, you can attract your audience by creating educational content for free at basic levels and then directing them to a paid membership for more professional levels.

subscription members listing for music training

6. Personal growth website:

Daily motivational content, alternating counseling and discussion sessions, numerous educational materials, or a checklist of daily routines for success, these days have many audiences.

If you are interested in this area, you can use paid membership subscription business Plan to earn money by creating a directory website for these things, and producing content in this area.

subscription members listing for personal growth website

7. Teaching foreign languages to children:

Teaching foreign languages never lacks audiences! These days, many parents are also looking for suitable resources to teach foreign languages to their children.

You can classify one or more language courses on your website and unlock the contents for them by receiving a monthly membership fee.

paid membership subscription listing for language leaning content

8. Meditation:

In today’s busy world, the need for meditation is an important and increasing need. You definitely agree with me that multiple payments during a day are one of these stressful factors.

So, with one-time payments and continued use of meditation-related content, you can make a greater impact on the audience and naturally improve our business in this area.

subscription members listing for meditation

9. Paid membership subscription News:

We are all familiar with subscriptions to magazines or newspapers. This subscription has changed its form in today’s digital world. But there are many hands in this business.

So the best approach is to specialize in the specific relevant news, if you follow the news related to a field, you can put them on your website and engage your contacts with them on a daily basis.

paid membership subscription listing and business news

10. Health and beauty product & content listing:

If you work in the field of skin health or beauty. You must have come across the trend these days in social media. Especially on Instagram reels!

But they are not organized. if you direct your audience to your paid membership subscription business website for regular skin routines or makeup, In addition to earning money from the membership fee, you can also sell products and so on.

subscription members listing for beauty and health

11. Production of podcasts for site members:

Are you a podcaster? You are probably on the way to earning income from podcast platforms.

But it can be more than that. If you have a paid membership subscription business website for yourself, you can produce special podcasts for your special audience.

subscription members listing for podcast creators

12. Yoga at home:

These days, yoga has many fans, many people prefer to use it as meditation or do yoga before and after sleep or important events in their life, to have their best performance.

So you can be their private online yoga instructor. Paying for each training can be annoying, so creating a long-term membership is a suitable solution for this.

Yoga at home with a subscription members

13. Online assistant paid membership subscription:

If you are in the consulting and personal assistant business, you can create a listing of your services in different packages and set a price for each.

Sell them for different periods of time and provide relevant services to your customers. It is very important to have different packages depending on the identified needs of the users.

paid membership subscription listing for online assistants

14. Online store with discounts and special services:

Big and small online stores are looking for loyal customers. But can we profit from their existence? The answer is yes.

You can create a special membership option for your customers so they can enjoy discounted products, special after-sales services, or the possibility of free shipping with paid membership subscription.

discount and offers for subscription members listing

15. Support and warranty of your product:

If you are a software company that sells your products or others, probably a high volume of related questions will take a lot of your time.

You can make these questioners your special customers by offering them membership fees to manage the volume of questions and earn more money. In this way, you also have a paid membership subscription business.

support clients with subscription members listing

16. Paid membership subscription digital arts:

It may not be affordable for people to buy one of your art products. So you can sell the license to use all the products offered on your site for a long time.

Creating a directory and listing your digital products is possible with the Listdom WordPress listing plugin. But you may need other tools to create and manage your license.

subscription members listing for digital art creators

17. Introduction of local restaurants:

If you are an influential person in the food industry, you are probably busy introducing top restaurants. You can create a listing of good restaurants along with their features with the Listdom directory plugin.

There are various options to generate income from this website, one of these ways is creating a paid membership subscription plan to receive a monthly membership fee from restaurants to be on your list.

introduce restaurant with paid membership subscription listing

18. Personal blog for influencers:

In addition to advertising on their page, influencers have other ways to make money. For example, by creating a website, they can share their more private or exciting stories with monthly or annual subscriptions.

subscription members listing for influencers

19. Introducing and renting and selling real estate:

There are many real estate agencies who are looking to list their cases on popular websites. They get most of the profit from these transactions. But so that your hands are not empty, you can receive an annual membership fee from them. And your website to a paid membership subscription business.

list real states with subscription members listing

20. Tour and travel groups:

Do you have an amazing group for traveling and hiking? Do you organize various tours and are you active in the field of tourism? You can have a more stable income.

Instead of selling tickets for each trip, make people members of your group for a longer period of time. Predictions show that people’s interest in group excursions and meeting new people will increase in 2023. So having a paid membership subscription business can be one of your competitive advantages.

Travel and tour with paid membership subscription listing

21. Paid membership subscription car rental:

If you have customers who use your car rental service a lot, you can offer them to benefit from more discounts and services in exchange for being a member of your selected customer group.

subscription members listing for car rent

22. Paid membership subscription financial markets analysis:

As a professional trader in the crypto, forex, or stock market, giving buy and sell signals is one of your ways to earn income.

You can create premium access for your users to give professional signals and advice, this access can be monthly or yearly.

subscription members listing for financial market analyze

23. Production of educational courses in your field:

In the above cases, we mentioned the preparation and sale of different training courses. But if you have expertise in another field that you can prepare training courses using your expertise, it doesn’t make a difference. Online education is still one of the best ways to earn passive income.

subscription members listing for online learning

D. What else can we do with our paid subscribers?

Getting an audience is the most valuable thing that happens to any business.Especially when they are paid subscription members. So you should do your best to keep them. These users are most likely to accompany you in your other activities. After the opportunity, you can use them depending on what kind of business you have, use them in your other business activities.