Avoid Listdomer – Responsive and Modern Listing Directory Theme Nulled

Why You MUST Avoid Listdomer – Responsive and Modern Listing Directory Theme Nulled



A visitor asked if it is fine to use Listdomer – Responsive and Modern Listing Directory Theme Nulled which is an unofficial copy of Listdomer Pro WordPress theme and we were thinking to explain how a nulled theme can damage your website and online business in different subjects.



To begin with, a nulled theme has been copied unethically from a paid WordPress theme like Listdomer Pro and released over the internet. Some people believe that this is correct to publish the paid themes, but in the first step it causes lots of financial issues for WordPress based companies that are working in this area. Also the main reason for hacking WordPress based websites are these nulled themes and their open lots of bugs here and there.



After that, we will just explain some of the big issues that you will face in the case of using Listdomer – Responsive and Modern Listing Directory Theme Nulled theme:

1- Security Issue: All nulled themes have open security issues and people that publish the nulled version will hack and access your website with their opened bugs which they know. In 99% of different cases you do not notice they are taking sensitive information from your online business.

2- SEO Issue: When Google, Bing or other search engines notice that there is something suspicious in your website or it is dangerous for visitors they just stop redirecting users to your website.

3- Privacy issue: Using a nulled theme is like sharing your clients data and database to the people that published the nulled version and they have access to everything private in your database.

4- Support and Documentation: In the case of using a nulled theme you cannot take support from the main development team and need to spend lots of time for a simple configuration.

5- Lose New Automatic Updates: We are releasing new updates for Listdomer Pro which brings so many new features and benefits for you. However, using a nulled version is equal to losing all these new opportunities and using an old version with lots of security issues and an unethical person injected to your website.



Finally, we spend tons of hours in order to create Listdomer Pro and using a nulled version of it has lots of bad effects for you and us. If you are looking for the free version of Listdomer – Responsive and Modern Listing Directory Theme you can find it on WordPress repository and download it from a safe place and when you see you want paid features buy it from our official website.