About Totalery

Totalery Inc. is a web and mobile development company that was established in 2019. We are fully focused on offering web and mobile based listing and directory solutions.

Professional team

A unique team with more than a decade of experience in web development, coding, application designing, digital arts and business managements gathered and based the foundations of TotalERY with the latest technologies adopted by modern lifestyle and limitless amount of researches in direction of providing the best and the most creative plugins and themes for the majority of the target marketplaces like WordPress and Envato. Our main goal is to become the best brand in this field at quality and customer satisfaction.

About Totalery INC
About Totalery Company and Team

Our vision

All of our products are user friendly, easy to use and easy to configure the functionality, technically these products are suitable for everyone, using these outputs doesn’t require any experience or education in this specific field. By removing the extra steps and focusing more on the main idea and the subject, we managed to have a satisfying relationship with all of our clients.

Welcome to the family.

Where can you find Totalery?

If you go to the WordPress plugins page or Codecanyon, you can see Listdom, which has a lot of positive comments. That is because of our exceptional support and our complete facilities which made classification and listing simpler and more practical than ever before.
You can also purchase all our products directly through the Shop page on the Totalery website. These products include The Listdomer theme, addons, and the pro version of the Listdom plugin.

Listdom WordPress Listing and Directory Plugin